Pre-apprenticeship Program Intake


2019 Intake - Process and Timelines


 2019 Timeline  - For the downloadable version click HERE

*proceed below for detailed breakdown of each step* 


 Intake Timeline

Additional Information for Applicants - For the downloadable version click HERE

If you have NOT:

-       watched the short video in the How To Apply section,

-       read the Frequently Asked Questions,

-       read the Reflections on 2018 Intake located under the How To Apply tab,


We strongly recommend that you do so immediately before proceeding.


The JAC has put a significant amount of effort into providing you with instructions, directions and keys to success. They are contained within the web content we ask you to review. If you do not take the time to read what we provide you, you are limiting your chances for becoming a successful candidate.


Applicants need to be aware that there will be specific tasks and hard timelines included in the Intake process. Failure to complete the tasks or meet the timelines can result in removal from the process.

It is exceedingly important for applicants to understand that this process is very competitive. We usually receive over 900 applications during one Intake and on average only 1 in 8 are successful and selected for the Program. With the volume of applications we receive, if you DO NOT have ALL of the necessary requirements, you need to evaluate whether you should apply or wait until you have ALL the necessary requirements, and then apply. You (and your application) will be assessed at every stage of the process whether in person, via email or over the phone.

You are required to provide three (3) references that are not a personal friend or related to you by blood or marriage. These references will be contacted. We call them to get additional information about you, your work ethic and who you are as a person. You need to ensure that your references know that you have given their name to the JAC and that they are prepared to give you a positive evaluation.



During Step 2

The online registration will ask you to complete your contact information, provide an email address, and then pay a registration fee. If someone else is paying for your registration, the account/order name needs to be under the actual name of the person applying, NOT the name on the credit card. You will have credit card and PayPal options. Afterwards you will be sent an email with a link to Part 1 of the application where you will be asked to answer a number of questions related to the career you are applying for, and then to upload your official transcript, Credit Counselling Summary or Comprehensive ICAS Report.

This MUST be completed by 11:59 p.m. May 19, 2019.

During Step 3

After submitting the online application, you will receive an email with a link to the JAC Mechanical Aptitude Test (MAT). Please note this test is online and proctored. It contains 130 questions and is 90-minutes long. It MUST be completed by 11:59 p.m. May 20, 2019.


Important MAT Information:


Required: a computer, laptop or tablet with a front facing camera.


-       In order to begin the MAT, you must take a picture of yourself for facial recognition.

o   Facial recognition software will be used during the test to ensure that the person in the initial photo is the applicant and the one taking the test. 

o   Your face must be visible to the camera at all times throughout the test. 

o   If you are not clearly visible to the camera, the system will warn you to reposition yourself and continue. You will receive 2 warnings. Failure to comply and the test will be terminated.

-       You will not be able to pause, stop, restart or leave the test for any reason.

-       Calculators are NOT PERMITTED.

-       Scrap paper and pens / pencils to help you calculate answers are PERMITTED.

-       The MAT includes questions about gears, pulleys, tools, machines, mechanics and mechanical apparatus, and mathematics. You will also be tested on your understanding of numerous technologies, spatial abilities, measurement, and deductive reasoning.

-       This is a significant component of the Intake process.

-       The MAT must be completed by 11:59 p.m. May 20, 2019.


During Step 4

All applications and MAT Scores will be examined and the applicants meeting minimum standards will receive an email with next steps, or be informed that they did NOT meet minimum standards and are NOT proceeding forward in the process.


During Step 5

Applicants proceeding forward will receive an email outlining the next steps, which include booking an appointment to complete Part 2 of the application (in person), taking part in the Job Awareness Activity (JAA) and completing the Essential Skills Assessment. Appointments are from June 3 to June 6, 2019 and you will choose the date and time that best suits you. These dates are not flexible.


During Step 6

You will arrive at a specified location for your appointment and present the original documents you uploaded during Part 1 of the online application (official High School transcript, Credit Counselling Summary or Comprehensive ICAS Report). You will also provide us with a résumé and cover letter outlining why you want to become a 309A Construction and Maintenance Electrician. The JAC will photocopy all original documents and certificates.. Applicants will also need to provide three (3) references that are NOT related by blood or marriage as well as photo I.D. (passport or driver’s license). It is absolutely critical that applicants verify all accomplishments they have included in their résumé. If you have additional education or associated work experience it MUST be backed up with documentation. Failure to provide verification will render those accomplishments invalid and unacceptable.

The Job Awareness Activity is simply an opportunity for the applicant to experience tasks and skills that are used daily by Construction Electricians. We have found over the years that some applicants are not clear on what this career entails and that this activity helps to create understanding for them.


Important Essential Skills Assessment Information (ESA):


-       Calculators are PERMITTED.

-       Scrap paper and pens / pencils to help you calculate answers are PERMITTED.

-       We have provided links on our website so that you can research what Essential Skills are all about. We strongly recommend that you look them up.


Completing the application, the JAA and the ESA will take between 1½ to 2½ hours.


Unsuccessful applicants will be informed at this stage.


During Step 7

Applicants proceeding forward will receive an email outlining the next steps to book an appointment for a personal interview at the JAC office. Interview dates are to be determined; these dates and times will not be flexible.


During Step 8

You will arrive at the JAC office 15 minutes before your appointment time and take part in a personal interview with a member of the Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association and a member of the IBEW LU 353. Up until this point you are a paper file and we need to find out more about you as a person. This will be your opportunity to introduce yourself to us and to demonstrate the essential soft skills we are looking for. You will be asked a number of questions that have no right or wrong answers but will help us learn more about you, your skill sets and whether you are a suitable candidate for the Program.  


During Step 9

If successful in the interview stage, you will be informed by the JAC and then placed into a selection pool. Candidates not moving forward will also be informed at this time. Successful candidates are pulled from the pool and brought in to the Safety and Orientation course as there are positions to be filled. Successful candidates should remain in their current jobs until called. It would be irresponsible of us to take you away from a job if we didn’t have work for you. It could take up to 10 months to deplete the pool.


This Intake process can take between 12 and 16 weeks.


During Step 10

Candidates are randomly selected to attend the two week Safety and Orientation (S&O) course. Content of the course includes: an Introduction to the JAC Program, introduction to electrical theory and basic circuitry, material and tool identification, First Aid, WHMIS, Working at Heights, and other safety courses. Being in the pool is no guarantee; applicants need to pass the S&O in order to carry on in the process.. If the candidate is unable to pass the S & O, they are removed from the Program.


After successfully completing the S&O course you are dispatched to a GTECA-member company. This is the start of your Pre-apprenticeship. You are on probation for 1,800 hours and will be assessed / evaluated onsite by your counsellor and direct supervisor a minimum of two (2) times, more if there appear to be issues. Candidates can be removed from the Program if essential skill sets and performance are not up to industry standards.






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Joint Apprenticeship Council
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