Training Classes

Apprentices are required to attend ALL Supplementary  Training Classes prescribed by the Alliance. The primary purpose of Supplementary Training Classes is to assist apprentices in developing the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to make you a more knowledgeable, valuable worker and to successfully pass the C of Q exam. In addition, supplementary training can respond to changes in the electrical trade more quickly than an apprenticeship program (at a college).


Curriculum Overview

1st Semester

First semester STC consists of five (5) consecutive Saturday classes and are scheduled prior to attending Basic Trade School. All lessons are comprised of both theory (written) and practical work (hands-on). Safety courses introduced during this program are Hoisting and Rigging, Incident Investigation, Live Apparatus, Tag and lock Off and Confined Spaces. The purpose of these classes is to give the apprentice an introduction to basic concepts and principles in the electrical industry. This will help drive home the fundamentals of the basic Ministry college courses.


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2nd Semester

Apprentices are scheduled after successful completion of Basic Trade School. 2nd semester STC consists of 3 separate courses:
Basic Code Seminar - Online: 1-day class (8 hr)
Prints/Code - Online: Four (4), 4 hour AM or PM class
Motor Control - In-person: Four (4), 4 hour AM or PM class

Apprentices must complete all three (3) of these courses. All STC classes are held on Saturdays.


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3rd Semester

Third semester STC is made up of elective courses spread out over an apprentice’s remaining apprenticeship terms. Courses are chosen by the apprentice. They can be any course offered by the Education Department of IBEW LU 353. Pre-Exam courses offered by an independent provider are also acceptable. 


The 11th-week Pre-Exam course that is mandatory in Advanced trade school is considered a 3rd semester STC credit worth 30 hours. These hours will be credited once the apprentice has successfully passed and submitted their advanced trade school transcript. 


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