Apprenticeship Overview 

  • Start with 900 hour probationary pre-apprenticeship period.

  • The duration of the LRR apprenticeship is typically 9000 hours and takes between five (5) and six (6) years to complete.

  • 80% of learning is done on-the-job while under the supervision of a licensed journeyperson. Once dispatched to a company an apprentice works on jobsites performing the tasks of a Low-Rise Residential and is paid by their employer (Contractor).

  • 20% of learning is done through attending the three mandatory levels of Trade School (Basic [8 weeks], Intermediate [10 weeks], Advanced [10 weeks]).

  • The program also requires attendance to Supplementary Training Classes (STC) and Safety Courses on some evenings and Saturdays. These classes are designed to provide apprentices with the skills and knowledge they require prior to attending Trade School and to train the next generation of Electricians and be the very best in the industry.

  • Apprentices are assigned an advisor who will guide them through their apprenticeship.

  • Apprentices work for a member company of the Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association (Greater Toronto ECA).

  • Apprentices are dispatched by the IBEW Local Union 353 (IBEW L.U.353).

  • The geographical area covered is from Lake Ontario north to Parry Sound, and from Trenton in the east to Oakville in the west. An employer could send an apprentice to a jobsite anywhere within this area. Apprentices are required to provide their own transportation to the jobsite. Most work days begin at 7 a.m.

  • Low Rise Residential apprentices are sponsored by the contractor and are contacted for the Safety and Orientation (S&O) once approved. Once the two (2) week Safety and Orientation is successfully completed, an apprentice will then be dispatched to their sponsoring company and the Pre-Apprenticeship begins.